Thomas Webb Watkins

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Thomas Webb Watkins was an American educator.

He worked the Principal of the Kents Hill Seminary, at Kents Hill, Kennebec County, Maine.

Thomas Webb Watkins is noted for his work towards the cause of education in his section of Maine, and his institution is well-known throughout New England.

Watkins was born in Boston, Massachusetts, February 23, 1885, the son of Rev. Thomas Corwin and Emma Dale (Hadley) Watkins. After his early education in the public schools of Chelsea and Springfield, Massachusetts, he graduated from the Newton, Massachusetts, High School, after which he entered Harvard University, graduating from that college in 1906 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Later, in 1921, Harvard conferred upon Watkins the degree of Master of Education. His first scholastic position was assumed following his graduation from Harvard, in 1906. He became principal of the high school at North Stratford, New Hampshire, holding that office until 1915, when he took up teaching at Youngstown, Ohio. He was there until 1918 when he enlisted for service in the American Army. Early in 1919, he became principal in the Northeastern Preparatory School in Boston and in 1920 was appointed assistant headmaster of the Huntington School in Boston. In 1923 he departed from the Huntington School and came to Maine, since which time he has been principal of the Kents Hill Seminary. Watkins was also a member of the Harvard Club, of Boston; of the Massachusetts School masters' Club; the National Education Association the Maine Teachers' Association; the Secondary School Principals' Association, and the New England land Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools He was affiliated with the Free and Accepted Masons the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity; a Methodist.

His political leaning was toward the Republican party.

On August 23, 1911, Watkins got married, at Manchester, New Hampshire, M. Carlena Prescott. Watkins was parents of two children Thomas P., and Barbara.