Sandhya (King of Kamarupa)

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Sandhya (also known as Gaudesvara) was a 13th century king of the Kamarupa kingdom in the present-day Indian state of Assam. When he shifted his capital west to Kamatapur after 1257 CE, he formed the Kamata Kingdom. Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, who had previously slain his father Raja Prithu in 1228 AD, appointed him as king of Kamarupa on the condition that he pay tribute. Sandhya, on the other hand, stopped paying tribute after Nasir-ud-din Mahmud departed from Kamrup and declared independence.

Sandhya pushed the Muslims out of his domain in 1229, after Nasiruddin's death, and seized land all the way to Karatoya. He next assaulted Gaur's (Lakhnauti) western boundary and seized lands across the Karatoya into his kingdom to avenge previous defeats. In 1257, Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Yuzbak, the Mamluk ruler of Delhi's governor of Gaur, planned an invasion on Sandhya's realm. Sandhya, however, foiled the invasion effort, capturing and killing Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Yuzbak.

After this invasion, Sandhya relocated his headquarters from Kamarupanagara to Kamatapur in today's Cooch Behar region and founded a new kingdom known as Kamata.


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