Battle of Singoli

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The "'Battle of Singoli"' was a battle fought at Singoli, in present-day Madhya Pradesh, India, between the Rajput Rana of Mewar Hammir Singh and the Tughlaq dynasty emperor Muhammad bin Tughluq. Hammir Singh defeated the Tughlaq forces and captured Muhammad bin Tughluq himself.

Hammir Singh had taken control of Mewar after evicting Maldev's son Jaiza, a Delhi Sultanate vassal. The Delhi Sultan marched against Hammir Singh after Jaiza escaped to Muhammad bin Tughluq's court in Delhi.

Hammir Singh, on the other hand, crushed the Tughlaq soldiers and captured Muhammad ibn Tughluq himself.

After conquering Tughluq, Hammir Singh imprisoned him and held him captive for three months in Chittorgarh. Tughlaq was released after the Sultanate gave him Ajmer, Ranthambor, Nagaur, and Sopor as well as 50 lakh rupees and 100 elephants.

Hammir Singh seized control of Ajmer, Ranthambor, Nagaur, and Sopor, and other Rajput lords recognised his authority.


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