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Asia the largest and most populated continent on the earth, roughly accounting for one third of land area and 60% of population of the earth. The coasts of the continent align with Pacific Ocean in the east, Arctic Ocean in the north and Indian Ocean in the South. Western part of Asia is separated from Europe by Ural mountain ranges and is separated from Africa by Isthmus of Suez. Based on cultural, geographical and political constructs, Asia can be divided into North Asia; solely formed by Russia, South Asia; mostly formed by India, East Asia; predominantly formed by China, West Asia and Central Asia formed by Islamic and former Soviet republics and Southeast Asia.

Asia has been the home to first settled human lives to world's oldest and most advanced civilisations and is the origin of most of major religions in modern world. Ancient Asian states witnessed development of most advanced technologies in that era, political systems, literature and intellectualism.

Economies of Asia-Pacific continued to remain richest in world richest in the world for most part of human history until the rise of Europeans during Great Divergence. Nevertheless, Asian economy is largest and fastest growing among all continents. Asian powers like China, India, Japan and Korea have still continued to remain significant economic and military powers and exert significant political, economic and cultural influence on global affairs.